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An interview with Dr. James F. Cotter.

Introduction. Dr. Cotter describes how he came to Mount Saint Mary College in 1963. He also recalls what impressed him about the college and why he accepted the teaching position that was eventually offered to him. (0:00-3:23)

The Alma Mater. The words of the alma mater were written in 1964 by Dr. Cotter and his wife, Emily, working together. Mr Louis Fletcher, Assistant Professor of Music, changed the original music. (3:24-5:47)

First Graduates. The first graduation took place in 1964. The Cultural Center was operating from 1960. Comments were made about both events. (5:48-7:31)

First Christmas Party. Dr. Cotter remarked on the college's first Christmas Party and gifts given to the lay faculty. (7:32-9:35)

First Men on Campus. The first men on campus took place in 1968. But some men were in the evening program before that date. (9:36-10:38)

Dr. Cotter was asked to describe the reaction of enrolling men into a woman's college.(10:39-11:52)

Death of President John F. Kennedy. The memories were recalled of the reaction on campus to the death of President Kennedy. (11:53-13:49)

Viet Nam War. Students were interested to hear about the atmosphere on campus during the 1960's and the protest of the war in Viet Nam. (13:50-14:59)

Influence of the Dominicans on MSMC. Dr. Cotter was asked to speak about the influence of the Dominican Sisters at MSMC. (15:00)