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Dr. Irene Nunnari, Dr. James F. Cotter, and Associate Professor Emeritus James McEnery
recalling the early 60s.

Part 1: Introduction of members on Panel and Early History of
Mount Saint Mary College (00:00 to 10:19)

  • - Brief comments on how the faculty on the panel were recruited for MSMC.
  • - Recall of early years when college began in the Villa.
  • - Review of first resident students.
  • - Highlights of early growth of enrollment including first male students.
  • - Summary of beginnings of Cultural Center.
  • - Observations on building expansion.
  • - Recognition of successful Middle States accreditation visit.
  • - Success of college's theatrical productions.

Part 2: Influence of Dominican Sisters of Newburgh on
developing the college (10:20 to 26:23)

  • - Role of Dominican Sisters as teachers and administrators - they wore many hats.
  • - Recognition of Mother Leo Vincent, a.k.a. Sister Kathleen Short, as first college president.
  • - Influence of Dr. Roland Whittaker.
  • - Reference of additions to physical plant.
  • - Coverage of college from local newspaper (Times Herald Record).
  • - Fund raising efforts and success for building Aquinas Hall.
  • - More information on how the three faculty members were recruited.
  • - Specific names of Dominican Sisters and their roles in the college.
  • - Sisters recruited from the many high schools where the Dominican Sisters of Newburgh taught.

Part 3