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An interview with Sister Ann Sakac

Dr. Irene Nunnari thanked Sr. Ann for her thirty-one years as President of MSMC and for agreeing to the interview. (0:00-0:32)

Sr. Ann answered Dr. Nunnari's question: What first brought you to MSMC and to the Dominican Sisters of Newburgh? (0:32-1:42)

Dr. Nunnari asked Sr. Ann about her philosophy of education. (1:42-3:11)

Sr. Ann was asked about the impact of technology on today's teaching. (3:11-6:18)

The interview continued with Sr. Ann confirming the wonderful teachers she had. She identified Dr. McGrath at Villanova University who inspired her to study nineteenth century writers. (6:18-8:51)

Sr. Ann recalled her initial experience at MSMC as Director of Residence. She talked about the characteristics of the early students compared to students coming to MSMC today. (8:51-12:26)

Dr. Nunnari asked Sr. Ann to respond to the growth of academic programs at MSMC. (12:26-14:14)

Discussion focused on the expansion of facilities on campus. (14:14-16:42)

Question to Sr. Ann: What are the goals that you hope to achieve? Sr. Ann said we are first an academic community. We need an endowment to support intellectual and financial growth.

Discussion continued on the college's relationship to the community. Sr. Ann said it is important to join community organizations to make the college known. (16:42-18:46)

Dr. Nunnari invited Sr. Ann to add anything to what has been said thus far. Sr. Ann spoke about students being prepared for life-long learning. (18:46-24:28)

The interview ended with Dr. Nunnari thanking Sr. Ann for the interview and wishing her well in the future.

transcript (pdf)