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Sister Agnes Boyle sits with Sister Catherine Lillis, and interviews Sister Assumpta Mazza, a member of the first teaching faculty in 1960. This interview was conducted February 9, 2007.

Sister Assumpta shares her memories of Mount Saint Mary College. Mother Leo Vincent (a.k.a. Sr. Kathleen Short, O.P.), the first President of MSMC, gave her a tour of Aquinas Hall that was under construction. She began teaching in the Villa Madonna in 1960, the beginning year of the four-year liberal arts college. (0:00-2:58)

Sr. Assumpta described teaching economics and the reaction of the students. (2:59-5:21)

She repeatedly expresses her adminration for the faculty who taught in those early years of the growth and development of the college. They were a dedicated group. The students they taught were very serious. (5:22-9:28)

Many of those early students have kept in touch with Sr. Assumpta as well as many students that followed them. (9:29-10:06)

The first graduation in 1964 was recalled with fondness. (10:07-10:54)

Her companion, Sister Catherine Lillis, PBVM, also recalled memories of those early years of teaching at the college. (10:55-11:36)

Sister Assumpta taught at Saint Michael's High School on 33rd Street on the West Side of Manhattan. (11:37-12:29)

Sister Assumpta talks about the Kennedy Assassination and the Civil Rights Movement in the 1970's. (12:30-15:03)

She was asked to describe the relationship between Mount Saint Mary College and the Jewish Community Center. In sharing her description she also added that the college was highly respected in Newburgh. (15:04-16:58)

Sister Catherine Lillis encouraged Sister Assumpta to say more about teaching at MSMC. (16:59-18:34)

Sister Catherine recalled the Formation Program desinged and supported by many women religious congregations. The design included educating the Sisters and helping them achieve at least a bachelor's degree. The dialogue between the Major Superior of the Presentation Sisters and the Major Superior of the Newburgh Dominican Sisters implemented this goal by creating the colleges. The Presentation Sisters supported a two-year junior college leading to an associated degree. The Nerburgh Dominican Sisters designed the four-year college leading to a bachelor's degree. (18:35-21:50)

Memories of her childhood were shared. Sr. Assumpta played the piano for silent movies. (21:51-23:50)

The interview ended by Sister Assumpta commenting on the successful paths the alumni of MSMC followed. Many continued thier pursuit of achieving advanced degrees and the records show that they also achieved recognition for their accomplishments in their chosen careers.
Sister Assumpta said she was happy to be a part of the growth and development of Mount Saint Mary College. (23:51-28:53)