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Sister Maureen Sullivan

Father Mark Connelly, College Chaplin in 2008, introduces Sr. Maureen Sullivan. (0:00-1:55)

Sr. Maureen highlights her background with Dominicans and describes the outline she will follow in her presentation. (1:55-3:16)

She emphasizes the fact that Vatican Council II was the most important event of the 21st Century. (3:16-12:17)

The challenges we face today in the Church are identified. (12:17-13:45)

We failed to make adjustments in religious education after Vatican Council II. (13:45-16:39)

The pre-eminent purpose of the Order was to preach. (16:39-19:26)

The obligation to study was deeply impressed upon St. Dominic's novices from the moment they entered the order. (19:26-20:30)

Dominic knew that all teaching, all preaching, must lead people to the Mystery who is God. (20:30-21:12)

Dominic always reconciled the past with the possibilities for the future. (21:12-23.44)

Dominic left behind an incredible living legacy in his Dominican Order. (23:44-24:39)

The present state of evangelization offers numerous challenges. (24:39-28:31)

Our brother Dominic clearly provided future generations with reasons for living. (28:31-47:00)

Sr. Margaret Murphy closes the lecture (47:00-48:47)